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Document Management Systems

The heart of any legal practice should be a robust Document Management System (DMS).  Without one, you will spend too much time hunting for documents, or worse, recreating them from scratch when a good precedent can’t be found.  The features that you should look for in any good DMS are:  Organization  Access/Security  Collaboration  Ease of use  Organization Boiled down to its essence, a DMS should have “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”  Your DMS can be organized by any system

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Office 365
How to run your law firm with Office 365 and Matter365

It feels like every lawyer in the world is using Microsoft 365 in some form to run their law practice. Well – almost every lawyer. In a recent webinar for the American Bar Association, Matter 365 Vice President of Customer Success Rohit Parekh found that 99% of lawyers surveyed were at least using Microsoft Word as part of their legal practice management system.  Microsoft 365 for Legal Technicalities aside, leveraging the tools, power and security

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electronic payments
Legal Project Management
A New Approach to Getting Paid

  The world runs on electronic payments. Law firms, however, are lagging behind. Just 25% of law firms accept electronic payments – debit card, credit card or ACH (think: direct deposit or direct transfer). It’s possible that lawyers just don’t feel comfortable leaving behind cash and check. The benefits of electronic payments are simple, yet powerful: quicker payouts, more accountability and increased flexibility for your clients. Lawyers just need to find the right tools to help

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Gravity Legal Partners with Matter365 for Seamless Billing Processes

The team at Matter365 is thrilled to announce its newest integration with Gravity Legal, a credit/debit card and bank transfer acceptance platform specifically designed for law firms. Through this partnership, Matter365 helps you streamline billing, accelerate collections, and improve cash flow for your law firms.  “The integration between Matter365 and Gravity Legal means that lawyers no longer need to waste valuable time exploring the most effective ways to collect for services rendered,” says Abe Stein,

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Cloud legal practice management
Quick Tips: 10 Microsoft 365 Tools To Transform the Way You Work

What if your law firm could collaborate more efficiently and clean up your Outlook inboxes at the same time? Rohit Parekh, a practicing lawyer and Vice President of Customer Success at Matter365, tackled this topic in a recent free webinar, “Collaboration in Microsoft 365- Tips and Tricks” with the American Bar Association.  One theme rang true throughout the webinar: get out of your inbox! To achieve true collaboration within your organization, Rohit says, you need

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Welcome, Connor Parent to the matter365 team!

I’m Connor Parent, and I’m excited to share that I’m the newest team member at Matter365 where my focus will be around business development and inside sales. I always aspired to go to law school but when I came across Matter365,  I knew it could be a difference maker for the industry as a whole. I think much of my drive to help law professionals comes from my previous experience.  Prior to Matter365, I was

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