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We believe there is a better way to work, that uses common technologies and services to create efficiency and streamline workflow. Bringing together world class solutions from Microsoft and QuickBooks in a unified practice management platform, Matter365 will make your day simpler and more productive. One cloud-based dashboard provides a matter-centric approach to time tracking, documents, email, tasks and even invoicing and trust management.

Matter365 is available to your firm for 30 days – no charge. After that, the price per user is only $29.99 per month.

Full featured practice management deeply integrated with Office 365 and QuickBooks Online

Cloud powered Office 365 has the applications you know and rely on – always  up to date and accessible from anywhere.  But as a legal professional you face unique challenges, like keeping track of time, trust accounting, document management and the seemingly never ending stream of email.

Matter365 provides complete legal practice management for firms of all sizes, enabling you to go paperless, and fully manage your firm without having to jump in and out of various disparate applications. Our matter-centric approach will unlock the true power of Office 365 and QuickBooks Online, while adding law firm specific features like time tracking, and simplifying complicated accounting tasks such as invoicing and managing Trusts.​

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Collaborate and organize all documents and email by matter. No uploads and downloads with our deep integration to Office 365

Work anywhere securely with or without Internet access. Microsoft security protects your data.

Get paid for everything you do with always available time tracking and one click matter based invoicing and trust management.

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Matter Management

Clients and their cases are at the heart of your business, so we take a matter centric approach to everything we do. Your documents, tasks, emails and time spent are all associated to the relevant matter. Use a form to set up a client and a matter, we take care of creating the Office 365 applications to support them.

Task Management

Enabling project/task management with the powerful Office 365 Planner application. Planner offers a highly visual way to organize and assign tasks, share files and chat about what you are working on. See a status of all your tasks at a global and matter level from your Matter365 dashboard. Plans are automatically created when you create a new matter so just click and use.

Time Tracking

Regardless of how you bill, ensuring that activity is tracked to the appropriate case is a top priority. Whether on a call, in email, creating or assembling documents just click on the always available timer and your time is logged for that matter. When you are ready, move activity to billing and create an invoice for approval and delivery.


Matter365 leverages the security of Office 365 meeting the most recognized and stringent security standards including multiple layers of physical security, data encryption and regular back-up.

Document Management

Harnessing the native power and security of Microsoft Office 365, Matter365 automatically creates matter-based folders, associates documents to matters, stores emails and attachments and enables the sharing of documents with your team on any device, at any time.


Have an overview of your practice in a glance with the Matter365 dashboard. See recent matters, task status, time worked summaries and important links all in one view. For more details just click on the tile and drill down to a dashboard for each matter.

Trust Accounting

Accounting systems can be powerful, but not always easy to configure in a way that meets your law firms requirements. Matter365 makes complex tasks like setting up trust accounts into a much quicker and easier process. Using accounting packages like QuickBooks online in the background, you will have overview of all funds held in trust right in Matter365, with tools to effectively manage them.

Conflict Check

Checking a potential new client for a conflict of interest is easy with the Matter365 conflict check feature. With the click of a button, Conflict Check will search through documents, contacts, tasks, notes and emails and report back any matches.


Making it easy to bill for all the work you do. The timer feature creates a file for you to review all your activity and with a click, move the billable events to QuickBooks online. Easily see what activity has been invoiced and what has not.

Email Management

It is easy for emails to proliferate and end up misfiled. Matter365 lets you tag each email to a case, including attachments. Email saved to a matter can then be made available to the team for collaboration. And while working in email keep track of time with the timer application – available right in your Outlook.

Cloud Practice Management

Matter365 brings together the power and security of Office 365 and QuickBooks Online. With our easy to use yet feature rich service firms of all sizes can be more organized, save time and bill more.

And now, your entire firm can use it at no charge for 30 days.

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About Us

The promise of technology was to make running a law firm easier and in some respects,  it has. Storing and searching through boxes of paper files is replaced by a quick search on a laptop from anywhere any time. Time tracking has moved from paper records to a click of a button. But with each innovation comes a learning curve, systems to integrate, and cost.

Matter365 lives to reduce complexity and enables common, best in class services to be managed the way a law firms needs them to be. One intuitive interface brings it all together and lets you work more effectively.

At Matter365 we are focused on enabling you to harness the true power of Office365 without needing to manage all the underlying Microsoft applications. Together we have brought together a team of like minded experts from active attorneys, software developers, and distribution leaders to make technology simple for law firms like yours.

Milovan Milic

Co-founder & CTO

Michael Carr

Co-founder & CFO

Tom Serani

Co-founder & Board Director

Andreas Guager

Andreas Gauger

Board Director

Ivan Mikovic

Head of Product Development

Rohit Parekh

VP of Customer Success

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