Designed for Law Firms, Built for Partners

Matter365 transforms Office 365 into a matter-centric practice management and collaboration service.

Build a deeper, more profitable relationship with your customer

We built Matter365 to make technology easy for Law Firms but with the understanding that they depend on knowledgeable service providers like you. So, we created our platform with our partners in mind.

To make management easier we have built Matter365 as a multi-tenant platform so you can securely manage your customers. Additionally, our open APIs enable you to integrate into other systems and applications that you use to manage your customers.

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The Top Reasons Why Our Partners Choose Matter365

Increased Revenue and Margin

We sell to you at a wholesale rate so you can set the price that is best for your customer. With Matter365 you can choose annual or monthly recurring billing per user.

Services Opportunities

Matter365 provides migration opportunities from on premises servers as well as integrations with other cloud applications that may benefit your customer, like QuickBooks Online.

Customer Ownership

Matter365 is dedicated to the channel. Our business is to support you, our partner, so you can own the customer relationship. We don’t compete, we help build your business.

Deeper Customer Business Relationship

Matter365 is a business application that becomes an integral part of your customers work day. This will add a new dimension to your customer relationship.

Office Upgrades

The trigger to upgrade from desktop to cloud often requires a compelling reason and the benefits of Matter365 can be that motivator for your law firm customers.


Our multi-tenant architecture makes it easy for you to securely manage your customers. And it is built to scale, so you can build you business with the assurance that we will support that growth.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers stay longer and refer their friends and colleagues. Provide unique value to solo practices and small firms with Matter365 and your support services.



Designed for flexibility and enabling the potential for you to integrate Matter365 into your existing systems and applications.

Law associations


Equip your members with a practice management solution that meets them where they are: Office 365

Consultants, advisers, and lawyers


For customers and consultants alike, refer your clients, colleagues, and friends. You receive a flat fee commission and they receive a discount!