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No software can replace the personal touch and skill of a real-life lawyer. What software can do, however, is reduce the time you and your colleagues spend on administrative tasks like organizing your email, searching through documents and billing for work. Once you allow your legal case management solution to take some of this burden off your plate, you can focus on what matters – winning clients and handling legal matters.

Matter365 is made simple, integrating seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 suite you already use. It’s secure by design, and lets you keep all of your clients data in your hands. 

Simple, secure and seamless- that’s what Matter365 brings to the table.

What is legal software

Legal software is designed to make lawyers’ lives easier. Running a law firm isn’t easy and there’s only so much time in the day. Let legal software work for you by helping you go paperless, stay organized and automate tasks you’d normally spend hours doing.

Types of legal software

Legal case management software is just one type of legal software available to lawyers. You can likely find a software solution for any number of needs for your solo or small law practice.

Legal software can serve many different purposes: document management, task management, billing and invoicing, calendar and docketing, CRM and intake, video conferencing and more.

Legal practice management software is typically the most all-inclusive solution. It provides the most features and most-integrated approach.

Software for law firms

It’s time to join the cloud. Law firms are moving to cloud-based software to increase security and efficiency. Studies show that 68% of companies that effectively leverage technology increase their profitability year-to-year, compared to just 38% of companies that are falling behind with tech. Find a secure software solution that allows you to view your entire firm through a single pane of glass.

Legal Case Management Software

Don’t try to do it all on your own. Legal case management software helps lawyers handle all the administrative and business duties that come with running your firm. Software can save lawyers time by automating tasks like document management, email management, time tracking, billing, accounting, and more. This legal software can help increase your efficiency and productivity while reducing human error and freeing you up for more important matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do law firms use?

We know it can be overwhelming; there are so many software options out there. The best legal software integrates fully with the Microsoft 365 suite you already know and use.

What is Legal Practice Management Software?

Legal practice management software (LPMS) automates burdensome tasks like billing and matter management to help small and solo firms save time and money.

Why Use Legal Practice Management Software?

Increase efficiency and save time for what’s really important – getting clients, doing work and getting paid.

Who Uses Legal Practice Management Software?

Lawyers at small and solo firms are leveraging secure, seamless software to save time and increase revenue.

What is the best legal software?

Matter365 is the only legal software that’s fully integrated with Microsoft 365. Manage your entire firm through a single pane of glass with Matter365

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