Legal Case Management Software for Attorneys

If one small step could make your law firm 16% more likely to increase its profitability, how quickly would you pounce?

The simple path to increased profits lies in the power of unlocking legal tech, and leveraging solutions that work for you. A survey from Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory found that 68% of firms that effectively leverage technology increased profitability year-to-year, while only 52% of their less tech-savvy competitors reaped a profitability boost. 

But how does a law firm effectively leverage technology? The first step is to invest in a legal case management software that makes life easier for you, your colleagues and most importantly, your clients. You need a secure software that allows you to manage all aspects of your firm through a single pane of glass, with built-in solutions for matter and document management, time tracking, and more.

What is legal case management software?

Legal Case management software provides your organization with one central location to store and track all client data. This includes things like contact information, case notes, appointment scheduling and history, client communications, and billing.

What does legal case management software do? 

Thinking future-forward with your legal tech solutions ensures that you’re keeping pace with competitors, impressing your clients with your efficiency, and positioning yourself for increased profitability. The long-term benefits of a legal software solution will outweigh any initial growing pains of adopting new tech.

Why Use Legal Case Management Software?

By utilizing legal case management software, your firm will save countless hours spent needlessly on tasks that could otherwise be streamlined by Microsoft tools available. The time spent on emails alone has a significant impact on time management. A simple comment to a document can be shared inside that document, updated in real time for all users who have access to that document to see. In fact, 75% of your email communication could likely be more efficient if conducted elsewhere.

Increased Efficiency

The key to unlocking more revenue and profitability is maximizing the hours that you and your colleagues spend on meaningful work for clients. That means cutting out duplicate efforts and introducing better ways to communicate and collaborate on matters and tasks.

Leading legal software helps you organize the things that matter most. Leverage this software that intelligently creates automatic matter-based folders for all of your documents, links emails with matters to de-clutter your inbox and allows you to see what matters your colleagues are working on in real-time. Think of all the time you spend clicking through folders or scrolling through your inbox to find the right documents. A little help from your software can cut this wasted time dramatically.

The best software solution is one that is fully integrated into Microsoft 365, meaning that you can increase efficiency all while staying in the Microsoft apps you already use and pay for. Tools like Planner, Teams, and Sharepoint can help your firm reach new levels of collaboration and communication.

Reduced Risk

Building trust with your clients is much easier when they know you’re utilizing the most up-to-date tools available. Today’s digital world can make it scary for clients to trust firms with their sensitive data and personal information. That’s why the best legal practice management software offers the security and date control you and your clients need to feel safe. 

Use a software that keeps all your data within your Microsoft 365 suite, rather than forcing you to upload sensitive data onto another app or server. Add in Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security and your clients will be feeling secure.

Legal software can also help reduce risk by keeping you abreast of everything going on at your firm. Built-in, integrated reporting allows you to see recent matters, task statuses, time worked summaries, earnings and accounts receivable all in one place. Make sure everything is running smoothly and recognize problems before they arise; the best defense is a good offense.

How to Choose Law Practice Management Software

Where to begin when choosing the right software for your firm? Privacy and security are at the forefront of the decision making when it comes to protecting your clients data. Technicalities aside, leveraging the tools, power and security of the Microsoft Suite is a must for any 21st century law practice. Microsoft 365 is so popular because it’s easy to use, its apps are consistent and integrate together, and it packs the punch of world class security protection

Legal Case Management Software Features

Core Features

Utilize all the tools you already know and trust. Matter365 is built on top of Office 365 so you can elevate the way you run your practice without any interruptions.

Matter Management

Your documents, tasks, emails and time spent are all associated with a relevant matter. We harness the power of Microsoft’s applications – such as Teams, Sharepoint, Planner, and others, so that your client data never leaves your Office 365 subscription.

Task Management

Comprehensive task management system powered by Microsoft Office 365 Planner allows you to stay on top and collaborate with your teams in real time.

Time Tracking

Whether on a call, in email, creating or assembling documents just click on the always available timer and your time is logged for that matter. When you are ready, move activity to billing and create an invoice for approval and delivery to the client.

Document Management

Leveraging the robustness of Microsoft Office 365, Matter365 automatically creates matter-based folders, associates documents to matters, stores emails and attachments and enables the sharing of documents with your team and your clients, at any time.

Calendar Integration

The ability to have insight into all matters and deadlines overlaid onto your calendar. 


Send electronic invoices, and get paid for your work faster. Generate bills at a click of a button directly through QuickBooks Online, or export your billable hours for import into your alternative accounting system.

Conflict Check

Our powerful conflict check searches through your entire firm’s document archive, contacts, tasks, notes, emails and attachments to report any potential conflicts over a new client.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do lawyers use?

There are a variety of software tools available for lawyers, however, Matter365 is the only legal case management software fully integrated with Microsoft 365.

What case management software works with Microsoft 365?

Matter365 is the only legal case management software fully integrated with Microsoft 365.

What is the best legal case management software?

Matter365 takes advantage of  all that Microsoft 365 has to offer, with world-class security.

How do I transfer my current cases into a case management software?

The Matter365 provides step by step support on boarding of new clients.

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