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Sophisticated practice management software built for agile lawyers and lean firms
Manage your practice through a single pane of glass, with features designed for lawyers, CPAs, and administrators alike. Benefit from the robust Microsoft applications and manage your modern legal practice from one place with Matter365.
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Modern Workplace for Legal Practice

Save time

Minimize headaches in version control, reduce reconciliation of records, and take back control of your inbox​

Bill more

With your administrative tasks taken care of, get back to focusing your time where it matters the most: on your clients​

Work smarter

Streamline your legal ops with a practice management solution built on top of Microsoft 365
Your entire legal practice in one place
Security by Design
All of your client data is securely stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud, where more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts work to help safeguard it.
Matter Management
Your documents, tasks, emails and time spent are all associated to a relevant matter. In the background, we harness the power of Microsoft’s applications - such as Teams, Sharepoint, Planner, and others, so that your client data never leaves your Office 365 subscription.
Time Tracking
Whether on a call, in email, creating or assembling documents just click on the always available timer and your time is logged for that matter. When you are ready, move activity to billing and create an invoice for approval and delivery to the client.
Document Management
Leveraging the robustness of Microsoft Office 365, Matter365 automatically creates matter-based folders, associates documents to matters, stores emails and attachments and enables the sharing of documents with your team and your clients, at any time.
Trust Accounting
Accounting systems can be powerful, but not always easy to configure in a way that meets your law firms requirements. Matter365 makes complex tasks like setting up trust accounts into a much quicker and easier process. Using accounting packages like QuickBooks online in the background, you will have an overview of all funds held in trust right in Matter365, with tools to effectively manage them.
Task Management
Comprehensive task management system powered by Microsoft Office 365 Planner allows you to stay on top and collaborate with your teams in real time.
Send electronic invoices, and get paid for your work faster. Generate bills at a click of a button directly through QuickBooks Online, or export your billable hours for import into your alternative accounting system.
Email Management
Tag emails and attachments to a matter, and make them available for your team in real time to collaborate - all from your Outlook.
Conflict Check
Our powerful conflict check searches through your entire firm’s document archive, contacts, tasks, notes, emails and attachments to report any potential conflicts over a new client.
Central Dashboard
Have an overview of your practice at a glance with the Matter365 dashboard. See recent matters, task statuses, time worked summaries, earnings and account receivables - and easily understand how your business is doing.
Matter365 saves you time
With our Matter-centric approach, manage your client correspondence, your documents, and your billing all through one, centralized dashboard​
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