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Welcome, Connor Parent to the matter365 team!

I’m Connor Parent, and I’m excited to share that I’m the newest team member at Matter365 where my focus will be around business development and inside sales. I always aspired to go to law school but when I came across Matter365,  I knew it could be a difference maker for the industry as a whole. I think much of my drive to help law professionals comes from my previous experience. 

Prior to Matter365, I was given a great opportunity to take an internship at the Department of Labor, Solicitor’s office. During my time there I worked alongside 30 federal attorneys and the office senior trial attorney. I had the privilege of learning so much working alongside these professionals. That experience will certainly help with my current role because I can confidently say, I know the frustration lawyers face when it comes to practice management. I am not a lawyer, however, I have worked beside them and have helped with issues and mundane tasks they simply didn’t have the time for. So, when it comes to practice management solutions, it makes Matter365 that much more transparent for me to explain its benefits to lawyers and their firms.

Often we get asked about an experience ‘that shapes us’. For me, having been a student athlete my whole life (hockey) and throughout my four years of college, I can easily say it is the one thing that molded me into who I am today, both personally and professionally.  I understand the importance of working within a team, when to speak up, and how to adapt to adversity. Anything learned through a sport will always be transferable in the real world. It’s a perfect foundation to strengthen work ethic and commit to the will to win, while at the same time remain coachable and absorb as much constructive criticism as possible. I’m a team player who will always pull on the same rope as the team I’m on and I can’t wait to be on that side with Matter365.

A little fun fact: I’m a homegrown family kid. I was born and raised on the North Shore of Massachusetts, so naturally in the summers you’ll find me anywhere by the ocean with my dog, friends and family. Any additional free time is spent either running, biking or enjoying some type of physical exercise. 


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