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Microsoft 365
Cloud legal practice management
Get Out of Your Inbox: How to leverage Microsoft 365 applications beyond Outlook

Microsoft 365 is the gold standard for modern law firms. Sure, maybe we’re biased, but there’s a good reason we’ve gone all in on building a solution entirely on top of Microsoft. Think of the first thing you do when you open your laptop or work phone in the morning; more likely than not, it involves clicking on the light blue “O” on your toolbar and opening up your email in Outlook.  Most legal professionals

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Welcome to Matter365
Legal Project Management
5 Ways Matter365 can simplify law firm management

Software is supposed to make life easier. It helps us organize, automate and streamline processes that can be arduous and time-consuming. Sometimes, though, the very tools that are meant to relieve stress can actually be a source of frustration and confusion. Legal practice management software is designed to make all of the complexities of non-billable work just a little bit easier. Sometimes, though, the true purpose of this software gets lost in the shuffle. As

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Legal Project Management
The benefits of Matter-centric organization

Most of the jobs today produce data in significant quantities on a daily basis, and use that very same data in making business decisions. Practicing law is no exception. In order to provide the best legal services, lawyers heavily rely on the information they have about the matter, closely observing the facts, circumstances and evidence they have available. The problem arises when there’s too many data sources to keep track of, when different subjects are

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