Matter365 updates its platform to meet growing needs for law firms

Matter365 updates its platform to meet growing needs for law firms


Matter365 updates continue to provide a full-featured practice management platform on Office365 

Boston, MA- Matter365, the first legal practice management solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft 365, today announced continued updates to its platform for law firms.  Built on top of Microsoft’s Office365 platform, Matter365 provides a fully integrated solution that meets law firm needs, from time tracking to invoicing to project management. Unlike other standalone solutions, Matter365 works directly on top of the tools small professionals already use and rely on today.

“Matter365 is designed to make your workday easier. Our goal is to enable you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more on billable activity or other priorities,” said Abe Stein, Co-founder and General Manager. “The Matter365 platform leverages all the power and security you would expect from the Office Suite and Microsoft Azure. With Matter365, you get the advantages of Microsoft but with a Matter-centric view with some additional features specifically for small law firms like time tracking, billing, and trust accounting, etc. It enables you to manage all of your law firm’s needs in one spot.”

The series of updates on the platform include: 

    • New and improved Billing report: a full breakdown of billings. Time spent working on matters, billable time amount, expenses, work in progress, sum invoiced and sum collected are the things that can now be better tracked and analyzed.  
    • Custom fields: different law firms like to track different properties in their matters. We added Matter Custom fields so everyone can create properties they require in order to be efficient and productive. Custom fields values are searchable in matters page search.
    • Upcoming events: next five upcoming events from your personal Outlook calendar are now shown in Events tile in Home dashboard for easy access. 
    • Matter Export Manager Role: a user with Matter Export Manager Role enabled will now be able to export full Matter data for all Matters, even if that user is not a member/owner on the Matter.  
    • WIP Reports and Automated Billing: Batch Invoice Creation from WIP report for all work in progress, easily viewed in one report. 
    • Templates Management: Document templates can now be managed in Matter365. Creating similar documents often will now be easier and save you time.

“Matter365 makes great use of the Office 365 environment, particularly by using Groups to create the resources for document management, tasks (including assigning and oversight), and having OneNote and Outlook available to all users so everyone is on the same page,” said Jim Worthington, Worthington Law Firm.

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About Matter365
Matter365 is the only legal practice management solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft 365. Matter365 enables legal professionals to run their entire firm and all of their matters through a single pane of glass. By creating dedicated, matter-specific spaces in all of a firm’s Microsoft applications, Matter365 allows solo to midsize law firms to minimize time spent on administrative work while maximizing their billable hours.

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