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Legal Project Management
The benefits of Matter-centric organization

Most of the jobs today produce data in significant quantities on a daily basis, and use that very same data in making business decisions. Practicing law is no exception. In order to provide the best legal services, lawyers heavily rely on the information they have about the matter, closely observing the facts, circumstances and evidence they have available. The problem arises when there’s too many data sources to keep track of, when different subjects are

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Best Practices of Software Development for Lawyers
Cloud legal practice management
How Applying Best Practices of Software Development Helped Improve the Way Lawyers Work

Part 1 – Separation of concerns, or “matter-centric organization in a single ecosystem”  In my engineering days, software development best practices were rules to follow with guaranteed success. Like in math, you could rely on getting the right result if you do things by the book and follow the quality principles in your work. After two years after being in a completely different role, working as a product manager in a law tech startup, I’m starting to notice these patterns repeating in everyday

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