Gravity Legal Partners with Matter365 for Seamless Billing Processes


The team at Matter365 is thrilled to announce its newest integration with Gravity Legal, a credit/debit card and bank transfer acceptance platform specifically designed for law firms. Through this partnership, Matter365 helps you streamline billing, accelerate collections, and improve cash flow for your law firms. 

“The integration between Matter365 and Gravity Legal means that lawyers no longer need to waste valuable time exploring the most effective ways to collect for services rendered,” says Abe Stein, Matter365 co-founder and general manager. “Though firms may still operate through mailed checks, we believe streamlined billing processes are the future of law – and are excited to offer this new, innovative technology to small firms and lawyers.” 

Unlike other offerings on the market, Matter365 and Gravity Legal offer complete pricing transparency and simple flat rates, with no setup, termination, or recurring monthly fees. Customers can also leverage tools already in use, such as Quickbooks, to ensure simplified onboarding and easy integration into daily workflows. The secure integration between Matter365 and Gravity Legal also offers the following functionality:

  • Send trust deposit requests directly through Matter365 
  • Automatically apply payments on trust deposit requests to the client’s trust account balance in Matter365 or Quickbooks 
  • Allow clients to pay invoices built in Matter365 via secure payment links 
  • Automatically apply payments to invoices in Matter365 or Quickbooks 
  • Accept payments by credit/debit card or by bank transfer (ACH) 
  • Optionally charge credit card fees to clients at the time of payment
Both Gravity Legal and Matter365 are streamlining the modern law practice. With the combined services, any law firm – regardless of size – will save time and money on their basic business  activities. Gravity Legal, born out of parent company Gravity Payments, is on a mission to break down financial barriers for lawyers and law firms. They’ve started by reducing the risk, cost, and administrative burden of accepting payments and managing money. Matter365’s integration with Gravity Legal’s payment processing platform helps small firms minimize fees – while maximizing accounts receivable (A/R) – so that lawyers can spend time working with their clients, and not against them.  “The Matter365/Gravity Legal integration takes the power of Microsoft365 – a tool that nearly all lawyers already have, adds a cloud-based layer of legal practice management, and rounds it out with the modern legal-focused payments platform, Gravity Legal, to provide lawyers with a comprehensive law practice toolkit. Beyond that the integration gives lawyers complete pricing transparency with no setup, termination, or recurring monthly fees. We think this is a compelling proposition for lawyers and law firms who are serious about running lean, streamlined, automated practices”, says Dan Lear, Head of Partnerships and Marketing for Gravity Legal. Matter365 is the only legal practice management solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft 365. Matter365 enables legal professionals to run their entire firm and all of their matters through a single pane of glass. By creating dedicated, matter-specific spaces in all of a firm’s Microsoft applications, Matter365 allows solo to midsize law firms to minimize time spent on administrative work while maximizing their billable hours. Learn how Matter365 and Gravity Legal can help your organization, or checkout the demo.

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