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Document Management Systems

The heart of any legal practice should be a robust Document Management System (DMS).  Without one, you will spend too much time hunting for documents, or worse, recreating them from scratch when a good precedent can’t be found.  The features that you should look for in any good DMS are:  Organization  Access/Security  Collaboration  Ease of use  Organization Boiled down to its essence, a DMS should have “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”  Your DMS can be organized by any system …

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How to run your law firm with Office 365 and Matter365

It feels like every lawyer in the world is using Microsoft 365 in some form to run their law practice. Well – almost every lawyer. In a recent webinar for the American Bar Association, Matter 365 Vice President of Customer Success Rohit Parekh found that 99% of lawyers surveyed were at least using Microsoft Word as part of their legal practice management system.  Microsoft 365 for Legal Technicalities aside, leveraging the tools, power and security …

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