Law firm collaboration in Microsoft 365

Harness the true power of collaboration from your Microsoft account and benefit from a full-featured practice management solution that ties it all together

Make your Microsoft account feel as if it were built for lawyers

Maintain control and ownership of your data

Collaborate effectively with your team and with 3rd parties

Get up and running in days, not weeks or months

Save time and bill more


See Matter365 in action

Built on top of Office365​

Equip your clients with best-in-class practice management capabilities built directly into their Microsoft 365 environment

Secure by design

No additional security config required. Give your clients peace of mind knowing that their data is safe and secure in Microsoft, and not some new 3rd party application.

Easy to manage

Matter365 is easy for admins and techs to learn, configure, and manage, with our core architecture being built on the Microsoft architecture they are already certified in

See how The Worthington Law Firm optimized estate planning workflows with Matter365​

"Matter365 makes great use of the Office 365 environment, particularly by using Groups to create the resources for document management, tasks (including assigning and oversight), and having OneNote and Outlook available to all users so everyone is on the same page."​
Jim Worthington
Worthington Law Firm